Want to learn how to obtain upwards of $100,000 in 0% business credit in as little as 7 days?
Hey Everyone, My name is Colin Matthew and I'm from Brooklyn, New York. I began my Credit & Finance journey at the age of 16 with a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad and have been hooked on learning and sharing all things Credit since then. Growing up, I was a trouble maker and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps right out of high school so I could serve my country and learn valuable leadership skills and discipline. I wanted to be a contributor to society and no longer a menace. 

I served 7 years in the Marines and met my lovely wife Justina while stationed in San Diego, California. Throughout my service I was stationed in Camp Pendleton, where I deployed to Kuwait and Iraq in support of OIR, Quantico, Virginia and my favorite of all stations, Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa I served as the Platoon Sergeant in charge of 52 Marines on a day to day basis. I shared my knowledge and love of Credit and Finance through instructional classes to my Marines. It was after 7 years of service that I decided to end my journey in the Marines and begin a new one, serving my fellow Americans in the capacity of a Credit Consultant. 

I now help business owners, entrepreneurs and investors acquire the capital and funding they need to make their dreams and ambitions a reality. 
Business Credit Mastery
4 Phase group Coaching Program 
Are you an investor, entrepreneur or business owner looking for capital or funds to start a business, scale a business or make an investment? Business Credit Mastery is a 4 phase group coaching program that leads mentee's through Structuring a compliant company, Building relationships with banks, Obtaining unsecured 0% business funding and investing that funding to earn income and build wealth. 
Business Credit Webinar
Attend our Free Training on how to acquire upwards of $100,000 in 0% business funding in as little as 7 days!
Weekly Business Funding Q&A
Attend our Weekly group coaching calls to have all your funding questions answered 
When you enroll in Business Credit Mastery, you gain access you our weekly group coaching calls and live Q&A's, every Tuesday at 7PM CST. You will also gain access to all recorded calls from prior trainings and all future calls will be recorded as well! 
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Hire Me For Speaking Gigs
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Want a Credit Expert to speak to your audience and share valuable knowledge on all things Credit? 

Send an email to Colin@officialcolinmatthew.com for any potential partnerships, affiliate opportunities or speaking requests.
One on One Coaching
Need Personalized assistance obtaining business funding?
Email me at Colin@officialcolinamtthew.com with the subject "One on One Coaching" and we can set up a call to discuss your goals and see if we are a good fit! 
Credit Reports & Credit Scores
Get all 3 Credit Reports and Credit Scores for $1
You can acquire all three Credit Reports and Credit Scores for just $1 with IdentityIQ. Should you choose to keep the subscription you'll gain access to updated scores and reports each month as well as Identity Theft Insurance!
Want me to review your credit report? 
Send all three to Colin@officialcolinmatthew.com
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I Help you master Credit to increase your wealth and lifestyle!
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